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  • AXA CIO on implementing omnichannel strategies in the insurance sector

    Ash Shah, Regional Property and Casualty CIO and Chief of Staff at AXA Asia, speaks about the adoption of self-service and omnichannel strategies in the insurance industry and how it can benefit from ecommerce businesses lessons.

    Written by By CIO Asia Staff21 Sept. 18 09:45
  • ​Thriving in a data-intensive world

    Discussions on big data and analytics have shifted from piloting, to getting value from full deployments. Here are some lessons from early adopters.

    Written by Divina Paredes01 Dec. 15 06:30
  • Music industry sucks life from subscription services

    Music subscription services, such as Pandora and Spotify, are the fastest-growing segment of the music industry, but since they hand over 60% to 70% of their revenue to record labels, they will inevitably fail unless something changes, a new report shows.

    Written by Lucas Mearian14 Feb. 14 20:52
  • Farewell to free content

    The race is on to build a simple system that allows small payments to be made online for web content. The winner will make a fortune and the rest of us will lose our free ride.
    When Rupert Murdoch took on Google by revealing plans to start charging web users for News Corporation's online content, he got everybody's attention. How would this work? Could this save the newspaper industry? But behind the headlines was another, potentially bigger battle that could bring about a second online revolution.

    Written by Julian Bajkowski28 Nov. 09 22:00
  • CIO leads in Nielsen survey of high income readers

    The latest figures from Nielsen Online show CIO and Fairfax Business Group websites Reseller, Computerworld and Unlimited performing strongly among readers earning $100,000 or more a year.
    CIO tops the website ranking, with 57.6 percent of its readers in the high income bracket. Reseller is second, with 56.4 percent, and Computerworld is third, with 50.8 percent. Unlimited is number seven, with 48.7 percent.

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff14 July 09 22:00
  • Safety and risk under the microscope

    Hospitals and governments around the world are spending hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars on powerful information systems that are expected to play a central role in reducing medical errors.
    But surprisingly little is known about exactly how effective new clinical and patient administration platforms are at achieving goals that many in the sector believe are a given.

    Written by Ben Woodhead20 Oct. 08 22:00
  • Made from New Zealand business hub site debuts

    Online business community site Made from New Zealand has been launched with the intention of improving Google search results for small to medium businesses.
    Companies can sign up for free. The business will have a profile written for it which links back to its own website says, Made from New Zealand foounder Tim Norton, and one of the co-owners of the site.

    Written by Hamish Barwick19 Oct. 08 22:00
  • How to get your site blacklisted

    We can't live without email. Even though the internet standards warn us not to depend on any given emailmessage ever arriving at its destination, every business executive knows how important it is for the mail to get there. But if your mail server's IP address is stuck in a blacklist-a list of addresses or domains identifying known spammers-your emailnewsletters and individual emailmessages will be blocked long before they get to their recipients.
    Blacklists are distributed in a format which can be easily queried by Internet applications, particularly emailservers. Many (if not most) emailadministrators use blacklists (sometimes called RBLs, for Real-time Blackhole Lists) as one step in their process of removing spam before it ever reaches an end user. If you discover that your site or emailserver is included-even if it was all a terrible, terrible mistake-you will discover just how painful and time-consuming it is to get yourself off the list. And in the meantime, your emailtraffic is cut off.

    Written by Esther Schindler17 Aug. 08 22:00
  • Beware swindlers using Olympic bait

    Computer security firms have warned businesses and consumers to be wary of Olympic email and internet scams over the next three weeks as the world's attention turns to the 2008 Beijing Games.
    Hundreds of would-be Games attendees were caught by a sophisticated online Olympics ticketing scam and anti-virus software makers Symantec and McAfee cautioned that many more schemes were afoot.

    Written by Michael Crawford04 Aug. 08 22:00