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  • Why is your new product failing? Just ask Watson Analytics

    IBM's Watson has been pushing ever further into the business world in recent months, and now it's helping online merchants analyse performance and make better merchandising decisions.

    Written by Katherine Noyes03 Dec. 15 22:37
  • Retail CIOs Look to Break Online and Offline Shopping Barriers

    Tech leaders at retailers are heading for a software refresh, and many are expecting to replace legacy in-store systems with unified ecommerce systems in a bid to keep up with changing shopping habits.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin27 Jan. 14 15:42
  • Farewell to free content

    The race is on to build a simple system that allows small payments to be made online for web content. The winner will make a fortune and the rest of us will lose our free ride.
    When Rupert Murdoch took on Google by revealing plans to start charging web users for News Corporation's online content, he got everybody's attention. How would this work? Could this save the newspaper industry? But behind the headlines was another, potentially bigger battle that could bring about a second online revolution.

    Written by Julian Bajkowski28 Nov. 09 22:00