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  • Reducing travel costs with ICT

    In a recession CIOs need to carefully consider an investment in videoconferencing to help reduce travel costs, according to LifeSize Video Communications ANZ director Patrick Micallef.
    The company is a US-based videoconferencing company formed in 2003. It The company has local partnerships with HP, The University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, Christchurch Polytechnic, Jade Software and BNZ.

    Written by Hamish Barwick27 July 09 22:00
  • Redmond can't outrun the recession

    In the financial quarter that just ended, arguably one of its most important quarters ever, Microsoft had a chance to bounce back after an unprecedented year-over-year revenue drop last quarter.
    But it was not meant to be. Microsoft has reported historically poor earnings for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009.

    Written by Shane O'Neill26 July 09 22:00
  • Beware of becoming too lean in a recession

    Organisations that are looking to process improvement methods in the current economic environment are too late, as the economic tide might turn before it delivers cost takeout, said research firm Ovum.
    While commonly used approaches such as Agile and Lean can reduce waste in IT systems and software development, they don't offer the rapid efficiency gains that chief financial officers (CFOs) are increasingly demanding of chief information officers (CIOs).

    Written by Carol Ko19 July 09 22:00
  • MIS100 2009: Leading change in a fragile economy

    Few organisations can remain unscathed in this difficult economy. Thus, we wanted to find out how the economic slowdown is impacting the organisations in this year’s MIS100.
    We asked the CIOs of the country’s top ICT using operations how the economic slowdown has affected three areas — their ICT budgets, projects and staffing levels (see graph A below).

    Written by Divina Paredes15 July 09 22:00
  • The premium event for New Zealand CIOs

    To highlight the importance of the CIO Summit, it is vital to recall the recent presentation of Peter Macauley, principal, end user practice, IDC NZ, on the evolving role of the CIO.
    Macauley, the chair of the 2009 conference, to be held at the Hyatt Hotel in Auckland on July 21 and 22, underscores the opportunities and threats for today’s CIOs:

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff14 July 09 22:00
  • Tips for enterprise software licensing negotiations

    For any business today, purchasing enterprise software ( ERP, CRM, BI and supply chain apps) is probably unlike any other corporate activity.
    "Of all the assets that an enterprise acquires, enterprise software brings with it the most unusual, onerous and restrictive set of constraints," notes Forrester Research VP and principal analyst Ray Wang, in a brand-new report on software licensing best practices.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum08 July 09 22:00
  • Getting your act together

    Finance, insurance, manufacturing, security, marketing, healthcare and the government - the 16 CIOs hail from diverse industries.
    But all arrive at the Window East Room of Singapore's Four Seasons Hotel with one common goal, to seek their counterparts' opinions on how to better improve on their management of IT in their companies, in order to ensure their organisations' survival and prosperity, especially given the dark cloud currently blanketing the economy.

    Written by Melissa Chua07 July 09 22:00
  • Challenges and competition ahead for mobile providers

    Mike Reynolds, CEO of 2degrees, says the biggest battle his company faces is being the third mobile phone network, breaking into a market with 100 per cent penetration by competitors.
    Despite this, he says there is still tremendous room for growth.

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff22 June 09 22:00
  • Glimpses of stabilisation amid dark budget forecasts

    No one has to remind CIOs just how bad the last 10 months have been: New data from CIO's exclusive survey of top IT executives shows that CIOs may have hit rock bottom with their budgeting and cost-cutting measures.
    First, the bad news: Just 14 per cent of the 171 IT leaders who took part in the May 2009 "CIO Economic Impact Survey" expect IT budget increases in the near future, which is down from 20 per cent in a similar survey conducted in January, and 63 per cent in March 2008.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum16 June 09 22:00
  • Gartner: Four in 10 CIOs slashed budgets in first quarter

    Forty-two percent of CIOs suffered budget decreases in the first quarter of 2009, and IT shops on average slashed budgets by 4.7 per cent according to new research published by Gartner.
    CIOs were expecting an average first quarter budget increase of 0.16 pr cent late last year, but were forced to cut costs as the economy worsened. Fifty-four percent of CIOs reported no change in their IT budget, while a scant 4 per cent enjoyed an increase. Average declines of 7.2 per cent were seen by those companies that reduced IT spending. Counting all companies, including those with flat budgets and increases, the average decline was 4.7 per cent.

    Written by Jon Brodkin, Network World US and Hamish Barwick, CIO NZ10 June 09 22:00
  • MS Office still sitting pretty in the enterprise

    New research from Forrester shows that while the poor economy has delayed some upgrades to Microsoft 2007, most enterprises are sticking with some version of Microsoft's productivity suite over alternatives such as Google Apps.
    In a recent survey of 152 IT decision-makers at companies of all sizes, nearly 92 percent are supporting either Office 2007 or Office 2003 or earlier. Only 3.3 percent use Google Apps; 2.6 percent use Sun StarOffice 8 or 9; and 1.9 percent use Lotus Symphony.

    Written by Shane O'Neill05 June 09 22:00
  • Analysing the multifaceted challenges of CIOs

    The CIO Summit tackles pointers for managing teams during a downturn and new competencies for ICT leaders.
    As leaders of technology teams, CIOs need to possess a wide range of skills to meet the challenges they face.

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff26 May 09 22:00
  • ANZ CIOs’ tough response to lean times

    More than half of the chief information officers in Australia and New Zealand expect ICT budgets to grow in 2009, with an average increase of 1.67 per cent.
    Twenty-two percent expect their budget to decrease, 19 per cent expect it to remain flat, while 59 per cent expect their IT budget to increase in 2009, reports Gartner.

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff19 May 09 22:00
  • Flying kangaroo lowers its wheels

    Airlines feel a downturn faster than most businesses and for Qantas, 2009 has already been a very tough year. Passenger numbers fell 2.7 per cent across the Qantas group in March compared with 2008.
    The carrier announced in April that as a result of what it described as a "rapid and significant deterioration of trading conditions", it was revising down its full-year profit forecast from about A$500 million to somewhere between $100 million and $200 million.

    Written by Chris Jenkins18 May 09 22:00
  • Power of sharing

    As the financial world went into shock on the infamous Lehman Brothers Monday of September 15, 2008, finance chiefs across North America and Europe struck a line through billions of dollars' worth of technology spending.
    Major vendors, including SAP, Intel and Microsoft, felt the squeeze almost instantly, and warned investors to expect huge declines in revenue in coming months.

    Written by Ben Woodhead03 May 09 22:00