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  • Tech hubs disrupt Auckland’s property market

    Report notes rising demand for real estate that blurs the lines between traditional workplaces, public space and the urban environment.

    Written by CIO New Zealand26 Sept. 16 12:02
  • Three easy ways to get better at the hard stuff

    The old adage that "the soft stuff is the hard stuff" certainly applies to CIOs. Consider the many new ways we work together today as companies adopt global shared services, enterprisewide architectures and systems, and entirely new business models that arrive in mergers and acquisitions or outsourcing arrangements. All this requires finely honed skills in transformation and transition.

    Written by Madeline Weiss and June Drewry16 Dec. 11 12:56
  • NetGen entrepreneurs need to fail in order to succeed

    The NZ-Australia Investment Forum this month was told there is a new breed of entrepreneurs that is not well understood and not well served but whose contribution to the economy could be tremendous.
    Net Generation entrepreneurs grew up with the internet. They are mostly young, possibly still in colleges or universities, or fresh graduates starting careers.

    Written by Romy Udanga27 March 10 23:00
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  • Kicking the stool out from under the cybercrime economy

    Put simply, cybercrime, especially financial malware, has the potential to be quite the lucrative affair. That's only because the bad guys have the tools to make their work quick and easy, though. Cripple the automated processes presented by certain malware platforms, and suddenly the threats -- and the losses --aren't quite so serious.

    Written by Grant Hatchimonji20 Aug. 14 02:54