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  • Secure USB Drives Not So Secure

    Several hardware-encrypted USB memory sticks are now part of a worldwide recall and require security updates because they contain a flaw which could allow hackers to easily gain access to the sensitive information contained on the device.

    Written by Joan Goodchild07 Jan. 10 06:16

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  • CryptoLocker - Your Money or Your Life

    As of September 2013, a new and vicious form of malware has been wreaking havoc. CryptoLocker belongs to a family of malware called “ransomware”, which is designed to extort money from victims by denying them access to their personal files. It targets all Windows Operating Systems, from Windows XP to Windows 8, and typically remains unnoticed by victims until it’s too late and the damage to their files is irreparable.

  • Handheld Wireless Security