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  • Drop the Web 2.0 myths

    When Enterprise 2.0 first hit the radar, many of us were excited by the new social collaboration tools and their power to usher in new collaborative behaviours.
    Some of this promise has indeed been realised. The market for Enterprise 2.0 software is strong and growing, with social computing functionality such as profiles, wikis, blogs, microblogs, tagging, and presence now widely available, both in specialized Enterprise 2.0 products and embedded into office productivity and unified communications suites.

    Written by Steve Hodgkinson09 Aug. 10 22:00
  • Dancing with the elephant

    This week represents an important inflection point for the Enterprise 2.0 market, a set of software vendors that sell social networking technologies to businesses. Analysts say the number of competitors will consolidate in the coming year as Microsoft captures greater market share. The start-ups that will survive must carve out a long-term place for themselves by building applications that are far more innovative and cheaper than those of the incumbent software giant. In addition, they must convince businesses that Microsoft SharePoint's "good enough" strategy is not, in fact, good enough for today's enterprise collaboration needs
    As Enterprise 2.0 vendors convene for their annual industry conference in the US this week, many continue to fight the complacency of businesses who prefer to use Microsoft as a default choice for all their enterprise collaboration needs. SharePoint, an application that started as a document management system to store (among other items) Microsoft Office files, has since added social features, including profiles, blogs, and wikis. Although Microsoft's smaller, more nimble competitors have built more sophisticated social networking applications for businesses, analysts say SharePoint has been "good enough" for many companies.

    Written by C.G. Lynch22 June 09 22:00
  • Corporate blogs fail to engage customers

    A new Forrester Research found that most corporate blogs kept by business-to-business (B2B) firms failed to energise their intended audiences and engage them in meaningful conversations about trends and products.

    Written by C.G. Lynch03 July 08 22:00
  • 'Think before you poke'

    If you're among the 62 per cent of social networkers who, according to mobile phone operator Orange, are frustrated and confused by impolite behavior on Facebook and MySpace, then a new guide from social etiquette advisor Debrett's could be of help.
    Following the research, Debrett's has put together five 'golden rules' to ensure you never make an online faux-pas again.

    Written by Carrie-Ann Skinner19 June 08 22:00

Whitepapers about enterprise 2.0

  • How to Leverage the Next Wave of Innovation –Mobility + Enterprise 2.0

    Field service companies have an increasing reliance on data collected through mobile devices and fleet vehicles. This whitepaper explains how Enterprise 2.0 tools can aid in tracking, monitoring and performing diagnostics by aggregating and assembling data in a useful, easily accessible format.