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  • CIO Upfront: Enterprise architecture and the legacy system conundrum

    How do you turn a slum into a modern town or city without moving the current residents and by causing a minimal amount of disruption? Bradley de Souza says the challenge of urban renewal is an apt analogy for enterprise architecture.

    Written by Bradley de Souza14 Jan. 15 06:00
  • How enterprise architects can gain influence with the CIO

    The relationship between the CIO and the architects that work for them often lacks a clear line of communication, which can result in a major gap between what the CIO really wants in a well-architected environment and what the architecture team ultimately delivers. Why? Although the CIO might have a high-level understanding of EA's value to the company, he is less likely to provide a clear problem set for enterprise architects to attack, resulting in too much emphasis on architecture design and too little on solving specific problems. Over time, it is primarily this lack of defined goals that leads EA teams into trouble when budgets get tight. Getting a clear set of CIO aligned EA goals positions EA to become a more valued member of the IT organisation.

    Written by Jeff Scott12 Feb. 11 06:46
  • Benefits under the hood

    Many organisations have spent considerable sums of money establishing an enterprise architecture (EA) capability.
    Whilst not decrying EA, it is also true that many of these endeavours have not fulfilled expectations in terms of value delivered relative to the investment made. Indeed some such initiatives have failed outright, producing countless diagrams and models that have failed to resonate with business people

    Written by Rob Mackinnon02 Sept. 10 22:00