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  • CIO upfront: Getting C-level buy-in for 5G

    Whilst there is much more capacity and capabilities to come from 4G, it’s not too early for CIOs to be thinking about and preparing for 5G and IoT, writes Emilio Romeo of Ericsson.

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes28 Aug. 17 10:00
  • As 5G approaches, 3G and 4G are still getting faster

    Most of the excitement at Mobile World Congress this month will be about 5G, which won't officially exist until 2020. But vendors will also be showing off new ways to speed up the 3G and 4G networks most people are using today.

    Written by Stephen Lawson04 Feb. 16 06:09
  • Cisco, Ericsson partner to build and sell next-gen networks

    Ericsson and Cisco Systems are partnering to develop and sell next-generation networks -- Ericsson because it's cheaper than buying in or building the equipment itself, and Cisco because it's quicker than buying Ericsson.

    Written by Peter Sayer09 Nov. 15 17:31
  • LTE subscriptions to surpass 1 billion this year

    The number of LTE subscriptions will pass 1 billion before the end of the year, prompting operators to invest in technologies such as small cells to keep up.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs12 June 15 21:41