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  • Italian police shutter Dark Web marketplace

    Italian police have shut down a Dark Web marketplace offering illegal goods ranging from child pornography to forged luncheon vouchers, and seized 11,000 bitcoin wallets worth about 1 million euros, authorities said Friday.

    Written by Philip Willan01 Aug. 15 03:03
  • Europol and security vendors disrupt massive Ramnit botnet

    European law enforcement agencies seized command-and-control servers used by Ramnit, a malware program that steals online banking credentials, FTP passwords, session cookies and personal files from victims.

    Written by Lucian Constantin26 Feb. 15 06:07
  • Biggest ever Tor raid hits 410 underground sites; 17 arrested

    Coordinated raids by law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and 16 European countries have closed hundreds of underground websites, including dozens dealing in weapons and drugs, and led to the arrest of 17 people.

    Written by Martyn Williams08 Nov. 14 10:32
  • ISPs should quarantine infected computers, researchers say

    The recent effort to disrupt the Gameover Zeus botnet includes plans for Internet service providers to notify victims, but some security researchers think ISPs should play an even bigger role in the future by actively quarantining infected computers identified on their networks.

    Written by Lucian Constantin04 June 14 05:32
  • Global operation disrupts thousands of illegal online pharmacies

    Law enforcement agencies in 111 countries collaborated to disrupt thousands of online pharmacies in what Interpol claims was the largest ever global operation targeting organized criminal networks that sell fake medicines.

    Written by Lucian Constantin23 May 14 03:08
  • 'ZeroAccess' click-fraud botnet disrupted, but not dead yet

    Microsoft and law enforcement agencies said Thursday that they disrupted a botnet that defrauded online advertisers of US$2.7 million a month but that the malicious network hasn't been completely eliminated.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk06 Dec. 13 00:33
  • Cops should be allowed to hack into computers, police officials say

    Law enforcement agencies should be allowed to hack into computers to identify cybercriminals and collect evidence, representatives from Europol and the Dutch National Police argued in front of a room full of security professionals at the RSA Europe security conference in Amsterdam.

    Written by Lucian Constantin31 Oct. 13 00:38