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  • How to Get Your Documents Under Control

    An events-planning business moves from a time-consuming, manual process for creating documents to one that uses HP Relate templates.

    Written by Stephanie Overby19 Dec. 13 13:48
  • Virtually confused

    Attracted by dazzling promises of dramatic reductions in the complexity and costs of infrastructures, some IT executives have made virtualisation one of the hottest topics in many years. It's being widely adopted because it delivers significant and almost immediate returns on investment for most user enterprises.
    All too frequently, the general concept of virtualisation is equated with the specifics of server virtualisation. That is because the latter has been a fixture of the IT landscape for decades. Further, as IT vendors move to cash in on the growing popularity of virtualisation, they are touting a growing array of offerings to implement, facilitate, organise, mitigate, and/or manage various aspects of this technique. Not surprisingly, while each vendor's sales efforts are well-intentioned, the numerous approaches and a cacophony of terms can leave users overwhelmed or confused.

    Written by Chris Morris24 March 08 23:00
  • David Knight


    Written by David Knight31 July 04 22:00