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  • Sticker shock looms over Dish's mobile strategy

    Wireless spectrum is likely to get about US$3.3 billion more pricey for Dish Network, the U.S. satellite TV operator that's angling to get into the mobile business.

    Written by Stephen Lawson24 July 15 11:14
  • Cisco joins chorus against Obama's net neutrality plan

    President Barack Obama's call for ISPs to be regulated like traditional telecommunications carriers continued to send shockwaves through the Internet industry on Wednesday as the head of Cisco Systems warned that the idea could hurt his company's business.

    Written by Stephen Lawson13 Nov. 14 12:56
  • FCC chairman grills Verizon over data throttling

    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has sharply questioned Verizon Wireless over its plan announced last week to throttle mobile data speeds for customers with unlimited plans.

    Written by Stephen Lawson31 July 14 11:27