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  • N4L completes ICT upgrade for schools across NZ

    Crown company Network for Learning (N4L) says schools and kura across New Zealand are now better protected from cyber threats and harmful websites following the nationwide rollout of new technology.

    Written by CIO New Zealand28 June 19 08:45
  • Wintec strengthens cybersecurity course

    First school in NZ to offer network security programme from Fortinet on managing new and advanced cyber threats

    Written by CIO New Zealand20 April 18 12:16
  • ​Could cybersecurity sink your next M&A?

    The CFO and CIO should work together to review not only the technologies used by the target organisation, but the policies and processes that they’ve implemented to reduce cybersecurity risks.

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes27 Feb. 17 06:30
  • Antivirus products riddled with security flaws, researcher says

    It's generally accepted that antivirus programs provide a necessary protection layer, but organizations should audit such products before deploying them on their systems because many of them contain serious vulnerabilities, a researcher warned.

    Written by Lucian Constantin31 July 14 02:38
  • Fortinet wireless security gateway can now track, entice shoppers

    Retail store managers would like to know, in real time, how many shoppers enter their premises and what they are likely interested in buying. Security firm Fortinet, which makes the FortiGate threat-management gateways that include a wireless access point, says its gear can now pick up the presence of shoppers' smartphones in order to provide retailers a real-time view of where shoppers go in stores.

    Written by Ellen Messmer13 Jan. 14 06:11
  • Fortinet sues Sophos over alleged employee poaching

    Fortinet, one of the biggest computer security vendors, is suing rival Sophos alleging it poached senior staff in breach of an agreement signed when a Fortinet executive jumped ship to Sophos earlier this year.

    Written by Martyn Williams17 Dec. 13 23:03
  • maintainers to reset user passwords, change SSL certificate

    The PHP Group will reset the passwords for accounts on, the official website of the PHP programming language, and will change the site's SSL certificate after attackers compromised two servers and injected malicious code into the website.

    Written by Lucian Constantin25 Oct. 13 16:05