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  • 'Never think you can’t be a victim of fraud'

    As Money Week kicks off, Matt Spehr of Western Union Business Solutions shares some thoughts on how SMEs can keep their businesses protected from criminal activity

    Written by CIO New Zealand09 Sept. 19 06:30
  • What do you do after a data breach?

    A hacker has stolen the personal information of over 100 million people from Capital One Financial Corp in the latest high-profile breach of sensitive consumer data.

    Written by Reuters01 Aug. 19 04:09
  • AI for fraud detection to triple by 2021

    Advanced analytics and biometrics fast becoming central to anti-fraud programmes, according to a new global survey

    Written by Divina Paredes25 June 19 12:36
  • The rise of CraaS, ‘Crap idea as a Service’

    Just because something is new doesn’t mean it is useful. Here are some pointers to find out if what you’re being offered is just a glittering pile of bad ideas

    Written by Chris Pope09 April 19 08:00
  • We are moving towards the ‘AI of everything’

    ...and if AI can solve problems faster than humans, does this mean ‘game over for us?’ SAS COO and CTO Oliver Schabenberger explores the impact and boundaries of the technology

    Written by Divina Paredes25 Oct. 18 06:30
  • Wanted: A real conversation about blockchain

    Blockchain is so much more than cryptocurrency. That’s where it started but a shift in the conversation is needed so people can understand its enormous potential, writes Justin Flitter of

    Written by CIO New Zealand10 Oct. 18 06:51
  • BNZ partners with IBM for cross-channel fraud prevention

    IBM Safer Payments will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse behaviour and fraud patterns, build and adapt models of emerging fraud threats, and recommend countermeasure responses.

    Written by Divina Paredes04 Oct. 18 12:38
  • When AI is used for evil

    Don’t assume only the good guys will be using these tools, reports Forrester.

    Written by Divina Paredes31 May 18 13:33
  • Tupperware, bitcoin and the rise of the 'blue markets'

    Tupperware doesn’t seem like the place to start a discussion about information security but in the age of 'always on' retailing, they provide the perfect example for when we talk about the emergence of new generation, low technology, social retail or blue markets.

    Written by Laura Bell02 Feb. 18 10:15
  • Identity theft and card fraught top Kiwis’ security concerns

    ​Unisys has released the latest edition of the Unisys Security Index saying, perhaps unsurprisingly, that New Zealanders’ concern about security issues is the highest it has been since the index was initiated in 2006.

    Written by Stuart Corner30 June 17 10:00