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  • Microsoft's NFL partnership enters next generation with new apps

    With the start of the U.S. professional football season around the corner, Microsoft unveiled the new tech it's going to be providing coaches and fans this season as part of its ongoing partnership with the National Football League.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank07 Aug. 15 23:05
  • Video gaming sparks excitement in China

    These are exciting times to be a gamer in China, according to 19-year-old Dai Qi, a soon-to-be college student.

    Written by Michael Kan30 July 15 20:55
  • Nintendo shutters TVii video service for Wii U

    Nintendo is shutting down its video service for the Wii U console less than three years after it began, but few users are lamenting its demise.

    Written by Tim Hornyak27 July 15 14:55
  • Xbox One, PS4 sales in China could be disappointing

    After China lifted its ban on video game consoles, both Microsoft and Sony moved fast to launch their products in the country. But at least for this year, the sales will be lackluster, according to a research firm.

    Written by Michael Kan02 July 15 14:18
  • Xbox One-to-PC game streaming launched Monday

    Microsoft is allowing select users to start streaming games from their Xbox One console to PCs running Windows 10, a feature that will be available later this year to all users.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank16 June 15 12:31