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  • IBM prepares for a post-silicon world

    IBM's decision to get out of the semiconductor manufacturing business may be of little consequence in a post-silicon world.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau21 Oct. 14 06:45
  • IBM 'major announcement' points to deal on chip manufacturing

    Under pressure to boost margins, IBM is set to make what it calls a "major business announcement" Monday morning, raising the possibility that it has finalized a deal to transfer chip-making operations to GlobalFoundries.

    Written by Marc Ferranti and Agam Shah20 Oct. 14 10:40
  • Samsung teams with GlobalFoundries on 3D chips

    Samsung is partnering with chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries to increase the supply of low-power, high-speed chips for smartphones and tablets.

    Written by Agam Shah18 April 14 08:04