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  • How hackers used Google in stealing corporate data

    A group of innovative hackers used free services from Google and an Internet infrastructure company to disguise data stolen from corporate and government computers, a security firm reported.

    Written by Antone Gonsalves08 Aug. 14 09:30
  • Criminals ride Google coattails in DDoS attacks

    The easy access Google's web crawlers have to sites is increasingly being exploited by cybercriminals in launching distributed denial of service attacks, a security vendor says.

    Written by Antone Gonsalves26 July 14 22:59
  • Google, Facebook Unmask Tech Support Scams

    Google and Facebook are finding cunning scams in which shysters advertise 800 numbers for bogus tech support that typically leads to people giving up personal data and downloading malicious software.

    Written by Antone Gonsalves17 May 14 07:37