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  • Triton intrusion discovered at second industrial facility

    ​Intrusion activity attributed to the same group which attacked the industrial safety systems of a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia in 2017 has been uncovered at a second facility, security researchers have confirmed.

    Written by George Nott10 April 19 15:31
  • Hackers steal Joint Strike Fighter plans during cyber attack

    ​A hacker stole non-classified information about Australia's Joint Strike Fighter programme and other military hardware last year after breaching the network of a defence contractor, the defence industry minister said on Thursday.

    Written by Reuters12 Oct. 17 12:23
  • Israeli soldiers hit in cyberespionage campaign using Android malware

    More than 100 members of the Israel Defense Forces, the majority of them stationed around the Gaza strip, fell victim to a cyberespionage attack that used malicious Android applications to steal information from their mobile devices.

    Written by Lucian Constantin17 Feb. 17 07:45
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