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  • Health IT could curb prescription drug abuse, but adoption lags

    WASHINGTON -- If health technology is ever going to achieve the goal of lowering the rates of prescription drug abuse, developers and policy makers will have to do more to encourage adoption of electronic prescribing systems among healthcare providers.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin12 June 15 00:18
  • How to Cultivate a Strong Healthcare CIO-CMIO Relationship

    CIOs in every industry play tug of war with their executive peers. For healthcare CIOs, the game's often even more one-sided. In addition to pulling against the marketing, operations and finance departments, among others, they can face opposition from the medical side of the business.

    Written by Brian Eastwood18 Nov. 14 02:39
  • Why Hospitals Still Struggle to Sell Telehealth

    Telehealth stands among the healthcare industry's few technology success stories. It brings virtual care to underserved or remote locations. It gives facilities an opportunity to export expertise or, conversely, outsource costly operations. It cuts costs for healthcare systems as well as patients.

    Written by Brian Eastwood05 Aug. 14 00:14

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