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  • Lawmakers call on FCC to reclassify broadband for net neutrality

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should reclassify broadband as a regulated public utility in order to achieve net neutrality, but take a "light touch" while doing it, a U.S. lawmaker said Wednesday.

    Written by Grant Gross23 Oct. 14 04:45
  • Lawmakers to FCC: stop mulling net neutrality reclassification

    Republican legislators don't even want the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to think about reclassifying broadband as a utility -- a route the regulator could take in order to reinstate net neutrality rules.

    Written by Grant Gross21 May 14 05:49
  • GAO: Gov't funded broadband benefits small businesses

    Government-funded broadband projects have led to higher speeds and lower prices for U.S. small businesses, despite opposition from some in Congress, according to an auditor's report.

    Written by Grant Gross10 March 14 20:27
  • US Democratic lawmakers look to restore net neutrality

    A group of Democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to restore net neutrality rules at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

    Written by Grant Gross03 Feb. 14 21:12
  • Security concerns about are overblown, Democrats say

    Security concerns raised by Republican critics of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' botched rollout of have been overstated, according to a memo released Friday by two Democratic members of Congress.

    Written by Grant Gross13 Dec. 13 19:49