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  • Namecheap says accounts compromised in hacking incident

    Hosting provider, Namecheap, said on Monday that hackers compromised some of its users' accounts, likely using a recently disclosed list of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords compiled by Russian hackers.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk02 Sept. 14 12:54
  • Why the password-only era is over and what to do about it

    The Russian crime ring that amassed more than a billion stolen passwords has shown why businesses have no choice but to add other forms of authentication in securing access to websites and corporate networks.

    Written by Antone Gonsalves09 Aug. 14 09:56
  • Five unanswered questions about massive Russian hacker database

    There's still much that's unclear about Tuesday's revelation that a small group of hackers in Russia have amassed a database of 1.2 billion stolen user IDs and passwords. The company that disclosed the incident, Hold Security, didn't offer any fresh information Wednesday, but here are five questions we'd like to see answered (and a bonus one that we already know the answer to).

    Written by Martyn Williams07 Aug. 14 10:26