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  • Lapsing of Moore's Law opens up opportunity in chip design

    As the trend famously codified by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore -- that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every two years -- seems to be flagging, one top engineer suggests that it is time to rethink chip design to buy performance increases.

    Written by Agam Shah27 Aug. 13 18:47
  • Healthcare IT struggles to keep up with mobile health demands

    Healthcare, like most industries, finds its hard to meet the mobility desires of employees (caregivers) and customers (patients). But while healthcare struggles with unique legal and regulatory impediments that other fields don't face, it's also poised to gain much more from what some call a 'mobile revolution.'

    Written by Brian Eastwood27 Aug. 13 12:44
  • Qualcomm to sell Omnitracs fleet management unit

    Qualcomm has agreed to sell its Omnitracs fleet management subsidiary, one of its first businesses and one of the earliest vehicle information networks, to a private equity company for US$800 million in cash.

    Written by Stephen Lawson23 Aug. 13 19:41
  • NYSE builds business around resilient infrastructure services

    After the terrorist strikes of Sept. 11, 2001, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) learned some valuable lessons in keeping a time-sensitive financial trading network alive during a time of crisis.

    Written by Joab Jackson20 Aug. 13 12:05
  • How to foster an IT youth movement

    These CIOs are engaging the next generation of IT workers with programs that energise, inspire and educate young students about the real world of IT.

    Written by CIO Executive Council25 July 13 12:41
  • BAT deploys Bring Your Own Device platform

    <a href="">British American Tobacco (BAT)</a> is implementing a mobility strategy around a platform supplied by Excitor. The Dynamic Mobile Exchange solution will allow the company to implement a <a href="">Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)</a>, BAT CIO Phil Colman told CIO UK.

    Written by Julian Goldsmith01 Dec. 11 04:49
  • Business growth driving Specsavers' move to Google Apps

    Specsavers is migrating its 2,500 staff across the world to <a href="">Google Apps</a> in an effort to ramp up the pace of <a href="">expansion into new markets</a>.

    Written by Julian Goldsmith26 Jan. 11 05:38
  • CMOs and CIOs: Can this relationship be saved?

    A new report from the CMO Council and Accenture on the strategic relations between CIOs and CMOs offers a grim outlook: "Marketing and IT executives do not believe they are highly effective partners, as they struggle to achieve common goals in the race to adopt and keep pace with rapidly evolving digital marketing capabilities," notes the report.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum05 Oct. 10 03:21