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  • Oracle brings Ghostery into Marketing Cloud to help users monitor their websites

    The average company has about 70 different types of third-party code on its website but is aware of only about a third of them. The rest are hidden in services like ad networks, widgets and analytics tools, and they can bog down performance, threaten security and compromise search-engine optimization.

    Written by Katherine Noyes03 June 15 08:05
  • Adtech and martech worlds collide

    People not in the branding business don't see much difference between advertising and marketing. As new-age advertising technology, or adtech, and marketing technology, or martech, logically merge, what's the problem? For advertising agencies, which have been on the frontline of branding since the late 18th century, a lot is at stake.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige28 May 15 04:27
  • The five coolest projects at AT&T Labs

    These days, researchers at AT&T Labs are focusing on cars, smart homes, wearables and health apps, judging by projects showcased at the company's Research Day. This year's exhibit, held Friday in New York, was more practical than previous ones, with many projects being close to release.

    Written by Agam Shah09 May 15 08:44
  • Companies must teach employees how to swim in new oceans of data

    Take a quick tour through the C-suite of any major corporation today, and there's a good chance you'll see some titles that weren't there a few years ago: chief data officer, chief data scientist, chief analytics officer, to name just a few.

    Written by Katherine Noyes02 May 15 04:36
  • Pebble seeks to tap the Chinese market

    Pebble hopes to replicate in China the success it has had in the U.S., by working to build a fanbase for its smartwatches.

    Written by Michael Kan29 April 15 14:40
  • First Apple Watch health IT apps bring important messages to the wrist

    Many of the first Apple Watch health IT apps will give doctors faster access to critical information and ease communication between health care providers, while other apps will attempt to get patients more engaged with their health.

    Written by Fred O'Connor18 April 15 05:59