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  • ​The six steps to become a successful CDO

    Gartner predicts 90 per cent of large organisations will have a chief digital officer or chief analytics officer by 2019. But many CDOs already report high levels of change resistance, particularly from the IT department.

    Written by Divina Paredes27 Jan. 16 06:40
  • ​Presenting to the board? Here's a few lessons

    Michael Power recalls the first time he presented to a company board. He was given a permanent role to lead a technology-enabled transformation program.

    Written by Divina Paredes25 Sept. 15 11:35
  • The CIO imperative to step up and influence: Impossible, improbable or unavoidable?

    Technology is synonymous with innovation to many people in business, but do those people actually see strategic influence and innovation coming from CIOs and their tech teams, in today’s digital economy? The consensus at the end of 2014 from CIOs was that they do not, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

    Written by Jennie Vickers13 April 15 06:00