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  • 'Creating Organisational Insight for IT Project Foresight'

    Only one in three IT projects will be successfully delivered, with one in four either failing or being cancelled, says Sarah Runge, author of Stop Blaming the Software.
    Many other projects are “challenged” with massive budget overruns and are not delivering the required functionality.
    Globally, the cost of IT project failures reaches US$6.2 trillion a year, she says.

    Written by CIO New Zealand19 Feb. 12 22:00
  • From CFO to Chief “Performance” Officer

    Less than a month to go before New Zealand’s biggest event for CFOs – register now!
    The 2011 CFO Summit is on 24 March, SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland.

    Written by CIO New Zealand06 March 11 22:00
  • CIO reader giveaway: IronKey

    IronKey is a personal security device designed to protect data, passwords and online identity on any computer, providing hardware encryption and malware defences. For details, please visit CIO New Zealand Facebook.

    Written by CIO New Zealand28 Nov. 10 22:00
  • Reader giveaway: Two books on leadership

    CIO has a copy each of the following books to give away, courtesy of John Wiley & Sons Australia.
    Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Life in Leadership by Warren Bennis who is an American scholar and organisational consultant, and an expert in the field of leadership. Bennis is the author of 27 books. and his life and career have traversed eight decades of experience with tumultuous episodes of recent history – from a Jewish child in a gentile town in the US in the 1930s, a young army recruit in the Battle of the Bulge to a college student in the one of the first progressive precursors to the civil rights movement to a patient undergoing daily psychoanalysis for five years, and later a university provost during the protests over the US involvement in the Vietnam war.

    Written by CIO New Zealand19 Oct. 10 22:00
  • The CIO’s ‘elevator speech’

    A discussion with Geoff Yeats, CIO of Farmers Mutual Group at the recent CIO Summit, got me thinking about the crafting of the CIO’s ‘elevator speech’.
    The scenario: What would be your two-minute pitch to describe your role and what you can deliver, to a ‘very important stakeholder’ — in this case, the CEO or the board?

    Written by Divina Paredes19 Oct. 10 22:00