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  • Eugene Kaspersky: Mistrust makes us stronger

    ​As the drummers in LED-studded military uniforms exit the stage at the opening ceremony of Kaspersky Lab's Singapore summit, on walks Eugene Kaspersky in a blue linen shirt, jeans and trainers, an SLR camera slung round his neck.

    Written by George Nott15 April 19 12:17
  • Why hackers love health apps

    Hackers love health apps because their popularity has outpaced the industry's ability to safeguard them. Technology experts discussed the privacy and security risks at a House hearing July 14 with the Energy and Commerce subcommittee.

    Written by Xuanyan Ouyang27 July 16 08:42
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  • Three reasons to be wary of the Internet of Things

    According to a 2014 HP report, titled Internet of Things Research Study, 70 per cent of the most commonly used Internet of Things (IoT) devices contain vulnerabilities involving password security, permissions and encryption.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff12 March 15 04:15
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  • Information overload: Finding signals in the noise

    Signal-to-noise ratios are hard to manage. As a security professional, you want the threat data, you want the attack notifications and alerts, and you need intelligence. But, when there's too much coming in, those alerts and notifications fall to the wayside. They're easily dismissed and ignored.

    Written by Steve Ragan30 May 14 02:38

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  • Why Technology Supply Chain Resiliency Matters

    With technology supply chains rapidly evolving to all corners of the globe, doors continually open for unsavoury elements to find new ways to take advantage. Whether for personal gain, monetary gain, criminal activity, espionage, or military threat, black hats keep unearthing opportunities to exploit supply chain vulnerabilities.