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  • Myles Ward of healthAlliance: The road to CEO

    Myles Ward reveals what today's CTO needs to become a CEO, the role of his mentors in his career development and the need for a supportive network of your peers at every stage.

    Written by Divina Paredes23 May 16 06:30
  • Inland Revenue Department NZ talks voice biometrics

    Call resolution times for Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of New Zealand customers who have registered for its biometric service take one minute faster than those who have not registered, said IRD contact implementation service manager Jared Mortlock.

    Written by Hamish Barwick29 May 14 13:36
  • Unisys NZ aims to change revenue mix in the next few years

    IT solutions provider Unisys currently has a revenue mix in New Zealand that sees the public sector contributing 60 per cent and the private sector 40 per cent. However, the company wants to swap those figures to 60 per cent private and 40 per cent public in the next few years.

    Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok26 Sept. 13 11:54
  • IRD cited for ‘effective use’ of Facebook

    A Gartner analyst singled out the Inland Revenue Department for effectively using Facebook to inform people hit by the recent earthquake about tax relief, impact of a potential loss of tax records, changes in tax status and donation opportunities.
    “This is a very good practice,” says Andrea de Maio, of the Inland Revenue - Canterbury Earthquake Facebook page. “No thrills and frills, no feedback allowed, no engagement for the sake of engagement, just a stream of very focused news and information of the kind one would expect from a revenue agency.”
    Di Maio is a vice president at Gartner and his research focuses on the public sector particularly on e-government strategies and Web 2.0.
    “A lot of government agencies around the world are using Facebook as a cooler (they wish!) alternative to their websites,” Di Maio writes in a recent blog. “As a consequence, the value added they provide is limited, which is reflected into low number of friends / followers and modest interaction.”
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    Written by Divina Paredes22 March 11 23:00
  • Fresh lease on life

    Legacy system has a persistent negative connotation, reinforcing the idea of a millstone around an organisation’s neck.
    The typical legacy system was developed many years ago under different business conditions with a more primitive technology — yet it (or more often part of it) is too valuable to the business to get rid of.

    Written by Stephen Bell and Lachlan Colquhoun02 July 07 22:00