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  • CIO upfront: Why many business models need to radically shift

    The core question for many established firms is whether they can service in the long run by just focusing on and defending their current business model, or whether they have to make a fundamental change in the way they create and appropriate value.

    Written by Carsten Linz, Guenter Mueller-Stewens and Alexander Zimmermann21 Nov. 17 06:30
  • ‘We want more women who not only code, but also lead’

    The senior data scientist at Xero says her journey to engineering began from exposure to computing and programming at a young age. So what can government and industry leaders learn from her experience?

    Written by Dr Kathryn Hempstalk14 Nov. 17 06:30
  • The Warehouse Group joins PartPay platform

    Timothy Kasbe, group chief information and digital officer, says flexible payment options part of retailer’s expansion of its digital offerings

    Written by Divina Paredes10 Nov. 17 08:21
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  • 10 UX best practices for ecommerce success

    Experts in user experience and ecommerce share their top tips for how to get consumers to enjoy, stay and buy on your website.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff22 Aug. 16 23:12
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  • 5 Ways CIOs Can Rationalize Application Portfolios

    The pressure is mounting for CIOs and other IT leaders to help the business enable new disruptive technologies like mobile, social, cloud and big data, but many CIOs are struggling to do so because maintaining and supporting legacy applications consumes the lion's share of the budget. Here are five recommendations for rationalizing your application portfolio.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud14 March 14 12:54
  • Looking for change

    A billion dollar enterprise that employs just over 4500 people. An organisation that is pushing the boundaries of new communications technologies. A corporation that is constantly developing new products and services to reach the widest audience, both within Australia and internationally. And a business that has just passed its 80th birthday, and is a technology leader in its industry.

    Written by Tim Mendham31 May 13 11:48
  • How play at work can lead to IT innovation

    All work and no play does more than make Jack a dull boy. It can stifle creativity. A playful office helps corporate problem-solving and sparks innovation.

    Written by Kim S. Nash26 March 13 17:45

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