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  • Multi-billion dollar mega-deals end in breakup

    Ten years ago in IT, Y2K had come and gone without catastrophe, security chiefs were grappling with the ILOVEYOU virus, and the dotcom bubble was bursting. But in the IT services industry, the year 2000 was notable for another reason - it was the year of the giant outsourcing deal.
    A total of 24 IT outsourcing mega deals (multi-year contracts worth a billion dollars or more) were signed that year - more than the industry had seen before or since. All told, they were worth more than US$54 billion, according to outsourcing consultancy TPI. They included the EDS-US Navy contract worth $6.9 billion, the Bank of Scotland's $1 billion deal with IBM Global Services, and the $3 billion IT services contract between Nortel Networks and CSC.

    Written by Stephanie Overby30 March 10 23:00
  • A year of reckoning for CIOs

    Global IT expenditure is expected to rise slightly this year, the first increase since the onset of the global economic downturn, reports analyst firm Ovum.
    In its survey of IT decision makers, Ovum states that one-third expect their budgets will increase in 2010. Despite this cautious optimism, there are signs that CIOs do not yet view IT as an engine for growth and that 2010 will mostly be a year of reckoning.

    Written by CIO New Zealand07 March 10 22:00
  • Tackling the ‘shiny new object syndrome’

    I've had the opportunity to visit several infrastructure and operations industry events already this year. Each targeted the same basic message: a return to innovation. But I have to wonder, are we really ready for innovation? The last 18 months have been marked by a consistent and constant effort to demonstrate return on investment (ROI). Why, as we now enter 2010, is there a sudden emphasis on innovation? The answer is what I refer to as "new shiny object syndrome”.
    As an infrastructure and operations professional, you're used to focusing on new, innovative uses of technology to support the business. However, the last 18 months have been anything but innovative. This period was characterised by project budget freezes and 20 percent cuts to your operational budget. In fact, infrastructure spend suffered the deepest budget cuts in 2009, with a 16.3 percent reduction from 2008 levels.

    Written by Rob Whiteley02 March 10 22:00
  • IT investment critical for business growth in economic slowdown

    Results from the latest SAP/EMA Innovation for Growth survey suggest a significant percentage of local firms believe IT has helped their business.
    Sixty-five per cent of respondents say IT is an investment that actively supports their business success, while fifty-three per cent described IT as essential for the smooth functioning of their business. Twenty-nine per cent see it as essential to gaining and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage, while 22 per cent regard it as a primary plank in their growth strategy.

    Written by Hamish Barwick04 Nov. 08 22:00

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