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  • Cyclone Computers becomes Apple reseller

    Cyclone Computers’ appointment as an Apple Authorised Education Reseller (AAER) is seen by the company’s managing director, Richard Morgan, as an opportunity to drive significant increase in delivery of educational content through digital media.
    The appointment means that Cyclone Computers can now sell Apple’s range of MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPods and iPads to educational bodies within New Zealand.

    Written by Reseller New Zealand staff24 Oct. 10 22:00
  • The iPod killer

    If Apple announced a next-generation iPod that made you a macchiato and then automatically uploaded a video of you drinking it to YouTube while noting the experience on Twitter, would you be terribly surprised?
    There isn't much iPods don't do, to the point where one is tempted to ask what they'll think of next. Well, it's just possible that whatever that happens to be, it could well kill off iPods as we all know and love them. The days of the ubiquitous iPod, the most popular portable digital music player by a streak, are seriously numbered.

    Written by Rod Easdown22 Nov. 09 22:00
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  • The secret of Apple's design success: the humane interface

    A key to Apple's success is the company's insistence on reducing options in the name of reducing complexity. Those who decry Apple customers as fanboys attack us and the company alike, saying that because Apple chooses to focus on simplicity, we and it must also be simple. That's the wrong interpretation of the facts.

    Written by Dave Wiskus24 Jan. 13 17:34