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  • Republican gains in Congress would have limited impact on big tech issues

    Anticipated Republican gains in the U.S. Congress after next Tuesday's election have limited implications for tech-related issues like net neutrality and reform of National Security Agency surveillance programs, with some observers expecting no huge changes.

    Written by Grant Gross31 Oct. 14 06:10
  • Senator wants Whisper to explain how it tracks users, shares their data

    Social media app Whisper, a supposedly anonymous way for users to post online confessions, is now facing privacy questions from a U.S. senator after reports that it tracks locations of users and has shared their information with other companies.

    Written by Grant Gross25 Oct. 14 02:07
  • Senators ask Apple, Home Depot for information on breaches

    A recent data breach at retailer Home Depot and a leak of celebrity nude pictures from Apple's iCloud service raise questions about the companies' data security practices, two U.S. senators said Thursday.

    Written by Grant Gross12 Sept. 14 05:27
  • Senator questions airlines' data privacy practices

    A senior U.S. senator is asking airlines about their data privacy practices, saying he's concerned about what information the companies are collecting and sharing with third parties.

    Written by Grant Gross19 Aug. 14 05:35