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  • F5 CEO sees opportunity in myriad challenges facing IT

    F5 Networks CEO John McAdam said Tuesday at his company's Agility conference in New York that, in essence, the future of IT is complicated, confusing and riddled with security threats - and that's a good thing.

    Written by Jon Gold06 Aug. 14 07:00
  • HP bucks up unified access line to better battle Cisco, others

    HP this week at the annual Interop Las Vegas conference is rolling out extensions to its unified access wired/wireless product portfolio designed to deliver consistent operation and management across the mixed infrastructure.

    Written by Jim Duffy01 April 14 02:26
  • Whatever happened to the IPv4 address crisis?

    In February 2011, the global Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated the last blocks of IPv4 address space to the five regional Internet registries. At the time, experts warned that within months all available IPv4 addresses in the world would be distributed to ISPs.

    Written by Lee Schlesinger17 Feb. 14 17:07
  • Call centers as social media hubs

    Contact centers are changing rapidly with the arrival of cloud technology and the ability to interact with customers over new social channels, including Twitter. The transformation has implications for everything from how companies deal with customers to the role agents play and how internal groups are best organized. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught up with the CEO of LiveOps, Marty Beard, for his take on where we stand and where we're headed.

    Written by John Dix27 Jan. 14 23:07