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  • Five key decisions before you use employee share schemes

    In tech hotspots such as Silicon Valley, employee option schemes are commonly used in high-growth companies to incentivise talented people. Here is a guide to find out whether this option is right for your company, and what are areas to watch out for.

    Written by Averill Dickson25 June 15 13:00
  • Legal insight: The wrong development contract

    If your project is agile, and your contract isn’t, you may be signing up for a major dispute, writes Stuart van Rij of Wigley & Company.

    Written by Stuart van Rij22 April 14 22:07
  • Do you really need to own it?

    What you need to know before you sign off an enterprise technology procurement - pointers from IP and technology lawyer Simon Martin.

    Written by Simon Martin02 Sept. 13 09:22