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  • Ten scary hacks I saw at Black Hat and DEF CON

    Security researchers and hackers gathered in Las Vegas over the past week to show off and learn about the latest vulnerabilities that affect devices and software that the world relies on every day. Black Hat and DEF CON, the world's top security conferences, did not disappoint.

    Written by Lucian Constantin13 Aug. 15 04:06
  • Android device makers to release monthly security fixes

    Google, Samsung and LG will start to issue monthly security patches for Android devices, taking a cue from the PC industry after critical vulnerabilities put hundreds of millions of smartphone users at risk.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk06 Aug. 15 10:36
  • Google and LG strike broad patent licensing deal

    Google and LG have entered into a patent cross-licensing deal, the latest partnership seeking to reduce the threat of lawsuits between major tech companies.

    Written by Zach Miners05 Nov. 14 11:51
  • IFA's gimmick of the year: Bendable TVs

    When you're competing for the attention of almost a quarter of a million visitors, it helps to have a gimmick or two. The big names of the consumer electronics industry know this and each year at Germany's IFA electronics show, they try to outdo each other with the latest and greatest technology they have.

    Written by Martyn Williams06 Sept. 14 03:30
  • Foxconn CEO mocks curved displays on smartphones

    The curved displays on new smartphones coming from Korea were the target of a joke by Foxconn Technology Group's CEO, who mocked the products as phones designed to fit the rears of consumers.

    Written by Michael Kan26 June 14 16:19
  • In Pictures: Watch out for these smartwatches

    With Apple expected to launch an iWatch in October, other vendors including Samsung, LG and Motorola, are getting a headstart with smartwatches in varied shapes and colors.

    Written by Matt Hamblen26 June 14 08:24
  • MWC: Screens grow, cameras improve and emerging markets come into focus

    Phone manufacturers are once again hoping improved cameras and bigger and better screens will be enough to get users to upgrade, while at the same time increasing efforts to get consumers in emerging countries to buy their first smartphone.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs25 Feb. 14 16:19
  • Samsung and Nokia in the spotlight at Mobile World Congress

    The two most talked about smartphones ahead of this year's Mobile World Congress sit at opposites sides of the spectrum; the low-end Android-based Nokia X and Samsung Electronics' new flagship model, the Galaxy S5.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs18 Feb. 14 15:00
  • Global smartphone shipments topped 1 billion in 2013

    If you had any doubts about the popularity of smartphones, new numbers suggest they've notched a significant milestone. The global smartphone market topped 1 billion shipments for the first time in 2013, covering about one-seventh of the world's population, according to research by IDC.

    Written by Tim Hornyak28 Jan. 14 03:16