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  • New Gameover Zeus botnet keeps growing, especially in the US

    Cybercriminals are in the process of rebuilding the Gameover Zeus (GOZ) botnet, which law enforcement authorities took over in June, and recent research suggests that they've had some success, especially in the U.S.

    Written by Lucian Constantin15 Aug. 14 02:21
  • The Gameover Trojan program is back, with some modifications

    Cybercriminals are trying to create a new botnet based on what is likely a modification of Gameover Zeus, a sophisticated Trojan program whose command-and-control infrastructure was taken over by law enforcement agencies at the beginning of June.

    Written by Lucian Constantin12 July 14 00:56
  • Gameover malware targets accounts on employment websites

    A new variant of the Gameover computer Trojan is targeting job seekers and recruiters by attempting to steal log-in credentials for and accounts.

    Written by Lucian Constantin26 March 14 15:05
  • Gameover malware tougher to kill with new rootkit component

    A new variant of the Gameover malware that steals online banking credentials comes with a kernel-level rootkit that makes it significantly harder to remove, according to security researchers from Sophos.

    Written by Lucian Constantin28 Feb. 14 17:33