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  • Google moves two cloud data analysis services out of beta

    Two Google big data toolsets have finally moved out of beta and into full commercial release, adding to its cloud portfolio a data analysis framework and a service for managing data streams in real-time.

    Written by Joab Jackson13 Aug. 15 04:28
  • IBM aims new IoT community site at developers

    Hoping to rally the worldwide development community around the Internet of Things and drive business to its cloud services as well, IBM has launched a community space for programmers to write software to connect remote devices to back-end cloud systems.

    Written by Joab Jackson30 July 15 07:10
  • IBM launches its data warehouse service into the Cloud

    Jumping into an increasingly competitive market, IBM has launched a cloud-based data warehouse service, which the company says offers a way for enterprises to analyze their operations while bypassing most of the headaches that come with running such a system in-house.

    Written by Joab Jackson27 July 15 23:04

Whitepapers about Managed Services

  • Managed Security Service Providers For Dummies

    Managed Security Service Providers For Dummies, Rackspace and Alert Logic Special Edition, consists of six short chapters that explore » How security challenges have evolved in the cloud (Chapter 1) » Why you need a new strategy to address security challenges in the cloud (Chapter 2) » How to optimize people, processes, and technology to enhance your security posture in the cloud (Chapter 3) » What you need to consider when choosing to “do it yourself” or go with a managed security services provider (Chapter 4) » How to address different industry use cases and compliance requirements in the cloud (Chapter 5) » Why you need to re-evaluate your enterprise security strategy for the modern cloud era (Chapter 6)