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  • Culture of innovation starts with IT

    The CIO of Altria, a consumer packaged goods company, says innovation requires a new mind-set in the IT department.

    Written by Mary Brandel19 Dec. 13 16:21
  • Top CIOs embrace the need for speed

    The business world views CIOs as more tortoise than hare, but it's time to rethink that stereotype. Award-winning CIOs find that speeding up innovation and business processes yields a competitive advantage.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson30 July 13 19:58
  • What IT leaders can learn from hostage negotiators

    A leadership expert and former hostage negotiator says that business leaders who show that they care about employees will create a safe haven that fosters productivity and creativity.

    Written by Kim S. Nash30 Oct. 12 19:08