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  • Best Buy to accept Apple Pay, wants to give customers options

    Best Buy said its customers could start using Apple Pay from Monday to make purchases on its app through the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, thus appearing to break ranks with a group of leading U.S. merchants who are backing an alternative payment system.

    Written by John Ribeiro28 April 15 13:43
  • A guide to the top mobile payments options

    The launch of Apple Pay last month jump-started the mobile payments business, with several companies pushing hard to become your preferred payment method in stores. Even more competitors are on the horizon, promising to bring a lot more security and convenience compared to today's plastic payment cards.

    Written by Martyn Williams12 Nov. 14 07:27
  • MCX says CurrentC is less about tech, more about relationships

    The company behind CurrentC, an in-store mobile payment system backed by some of the biggest retailers in the U.S., attempted on Wednesday to play down a growing controversy over whether its backers could accept Apple Pay.

    Written by Martyn Williams30 Oct. 14 09:37