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  • Cryptocurrency prices are all in the mind

    ​The volatility of cryptocurrencies has become something of a joke. The fact its value bounces around like a kangaroo in a clown car has given rise to countless memes about the emotional toll of being an investor.

    Written by George Nott23 May 18 09:00
  • Start-up eyes mining asteroids for space colonies

    From a nondescript office on the edge of the Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley, Deep Space Industries is plotting a futuristic scheme to locate asteroids, check them out and then send in mining spacecraft to strip them of their minerals.

    Written by Martyn Williams19 Aug. 15 21:36
  • Who killed the canary?

    On April 25, 2006, 9.30pm, Todd Russell, Brant Webb, Larry Knight and 14 other miners were almost a kilometre underground at the Beaconsfield goldmine in Tasmania when the earth began to move. A minor seismic event, measuring just 2.2 on the Richter scale, triggered a rock fall, killing Knight and leaving Russell and Webb trapped.
    The Beaconsfield incident was a tragedy. Fortunately, Russell, Webb and 14 other miners survived, and advances in mining technology and supporting information technology systems played an important part in their escape.

    Written by Jeanne-Vida Douglas19 Oct. 07 21:00

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