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  • Increase in average monthly spend on mobile broadband

    A 40 percent increase in average monthly spend on mobile broadband compared to 2009 has been determined by Nokia Siemens Networks' Mobile Broadband Study 2010.
    The annual study, which covers HSPA+ use in France, Germany, Spain, UK indicates that more than half of mobile broadband users are interested in high-speed mobile broadband or LTE.

    Written by Anuradha Shukla08 Nov. 10 22:00
  • Operators make call on niche customers

    If there was ever a market that turned supply and demand theory on its head, it's mobile phones, and our seemingly endless capacity to spend more on mobile services and handsets despite drastic commoditisation.
    By 2005, the Australian market was just passing saturation point as penetration sailed through the 100 per cent mark, but demand remained strong. People with one mobile phone bought a second or in some cases a third handset, and it's now not at all unusual for people to carry multiple SIM cards, so they can flip them in and out of their phones to take advantage of different rates and plans.

    Written by Jeanne-Vida Douglas08 Nov. 09 22:00