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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss in Mobile Environments

    Confidential company data can make its way onto mobile devices, where it's no longer under the protection of your toughest network defenses. Does that make your data vulnerable? To find out, review some strategies for preventing data loss on mobile devices.

    Written by Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel20 March 14 13:15
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  • Why smart devices and wearables will be security's new headache

    Smart devices largely use the same operating system as their smartphone counterparts. This is the case with Android devices. When we talk about smart devices and Android, we're talking about a mature platform in terms of malware.

    Written by David Geer22 Jan. 15 03:15
  • Five trends driving the need for better mobile security

    The pace of mobilization within many enterprises is increasing rapidly. Enterprises of all sizes and types are finding that going mobile can significantly increase the productivity of their employees, bringing added flexibility and cost reductions and helping many companies gain a competitive edge in their market.

    Written by Matt Bancroft22 Sept. 08 09:43

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