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  • Tech breakthroughs may mean 'digital everything' by 2025

    Forget carrying a smartphone in your pocket. In about 10 years, we're likely to have digitally connected cars, smart homes, as well as refrigerators and dishwashers that can think for themselves.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin02 July 14 06:42
  • Shrinking microcontrollers, means smaller wearable computers

    If you want a wearable Internet of Things, the electronics have to be as small and as energy efficient as possible. That's why a new microcontroller by Freescale Semiconductor is notable.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau28 Feb. 14 20:59
  • Wearable computers could act like a sixth sense

    People will one day depend on wearable computers to monitor not just their activities but a myriad of data about their health, making the devices basically like a sixth sense.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin25 Feb. 14 18:20
  • Google's 3D tech could be boon to Glass, robots and virtual reality

    News that Google is working on 3D smartphones has analysts speculating that the company will one day add the tech to a slew of its products, such as Google Maps, Google Glass, Google robots and even virtual reality tools.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin21 Feb. 14 18:23
  • How 'Lenovorola' changes the mobile world

    Google is selling Motorola to Lenovo. The deal makes Google better, Lenovo bigger and Motorola gets a new lease on life.

    Written by Mike Elgan01 Feb. 14 12:18
Features about Mobile/Wireless
  • Smartphone innovation is slowing, so what's next?

    In the last year or so, there has been a noticeable slowdown in innovations in new smartphones -- with both hardware and software. The next direction seems to be making the smartphone the hub for connecting technologies int eh Internet of Things scenario.

    Written by Matt Hamblen24 March 14 20:22
  • Here comes the age of ambient everything

    Trends in social, search, mobile, wearable and the Internet of things will alter our perception of reality. Change is in the air, says columnist Mike Elgan.

    Written by Mike Elgan16 Nov. 13 12:05
  • Why the mob rules

    Many of today's hottest products do something similar -- they get their value from the collective actions of users. Mike Elgan explains why crowdsourcing and all that user data is so successful and valuable.

    Written by Mike Elgan20 July 13 11:08
  • Gartner's Top 10 tech trends for 2013

    The arrival of Windows 8 makes "mobile device battles" Gartner's top technology trend for next year.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau23 Oct. 12 19:27