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  • Proposed US data breach notification bill criticized as too weak

    Proposed legislation that would require U.S. businesses to notify affected customers after data breaches is too weak because it would preempt stronger breach notification laws in several states and it wouldn't cover several classes of data, including geolocation and health information, critics told lawmakers.

    Written by Grant Gross19 March 15 05:30
  • Obama calls for US data breach notification law, privacy bill of rights

    U.S. President Barack Obama will push Congress to pass a law requiring companies that are victims of data breaches to notify affected consumers within 30 days and a second law that gives consumers more control over their digital data, he said.

    Written by Grant Gross13 Jan. 15 06:08
  • Retail CIOs Look to Break Online and Offline Shopping Barriers

    Tech leaders at retailers are heading for a software refresh, and many are expecting to replace legacy in-store systems with unified ecommerce systems in a bid to keep up with changing shopping habits.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin27 Jan. 14 15:42
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  • Retail CIOs must balance security with innovation

    When Home Depot and Target experienced large-scale security breaches on payment systems in 2014, it hit those top retailers hard: Criminals stole millions of consumers' debit and credit card data; the companies lost hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and lost sales; and their brand reputations suffered.

    Written by Sharon Goldman06 Aug. 15 00:24