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  • What CIOs Can Learn From the Biggest Data Breaches

    We keep hearing about them in the news. The tallies are astounding: 145 million user accounts compromised here, 40 million credit cards stolen there. What isn't always as clear with the most high-profile data breaches is how they occurred in the first place and what you can do to prevent seeing your organization in a similar headline.

    Written by John Brandon13 Nov. 14 02:07
  • How the Target Breach Has Affected Small Business Data Security

    Small and medium-sized businesses may think they're immune to the kinds of attacks that wreaked havoc on Target last year, but they're susceptible to the same nefarious forces -- sometimes even more so, as they can lead hackers to a bigger prize.

    Written by Jen A. Miller09 July 14 22:49
  • US food chain, PF Chang's, investigates possible card breach

    A large batch of stolen credit card numbers for sale on an underground forum may have come from a breach at P.F. Chang's China Bistro, a US restaurant chain that said on Tuesday it is investigating.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk11 June 14 11:04
  • Sally Beauty confirms payment card data breach

    Sally Beauty Holdings confirmed Monday that it fell victim to a data breach, an incident that may have coincided with a project to update point-of-sale terminals at its U.S. stores, a recent regulatory filing shows.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk18 March 14 00:40
  • Target says it investigated but dismissed early signs of breach

    Target said Thursday it investigated but ultimately dismissed early signs of a data breach, a decision it likely regrets after suffering one of the largest payment-card and personal-data breaches on record.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk13 March 14 23:36