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  • NIWA opens $23 million supercomputer facility

    “One of its key uses will be to advance weather forecasting, enabling more precise forecasts and helping to refine forecasting of climate extremes and hazardous events," says Research, Science and Innovation Minister Dr Megan Woods

    Written by CIO New Zealand08 Nov. 18 05:38
  • NIWA buys $12.7 million IBM supercomputer

    The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) is about to buy an IBM supercomputer to use in environmental forecasting.
    NIWA chief executive John Morgan says the IBM Power 575 supercomputer will cost $12.7 million. He adds that it is the most powerful climate research computer of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff30 Aug. 09 22:00