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  • Cisco plans to buy security-as-a-service provider OpenDNS

    Cisco Systems plans to pay $US635 million in cash to buy OpenDNS, a company that leverages the Domain Name System (DNS) to provide security services including Web filtering, threat intelligence and malware and phishing protection.

    Written by Lucian Constantin01 July 15 01:19
  • Many PayPal lookalike phishing websites taken offline

    PayPal has worked to shut down a handful of phishing websites that sought to steal people's login credentials by appearing to be the company's real website, according to a security company.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk12 Feb. 15 14:14
  • Fake BBC site disappears after bogus story on Charlie Hebdo

    A fraudulent website that cloned the BBC has gone offline after it received a surge of traffic for running a bogus story concerning the violence at French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk14 Jan. 15 12:31
  • Spear phishing led to DNS attack against the New York Times, others

    The cyberattack that resulted in and some other high-profile websites being inaccessible to a large number of users Tuesday started with a targeted phishing attack against a reseller for Melbourne IT, an Australian domain registrar and IT services company.

    Written by Lucian Constantin28 Aug. 13 14:41