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  • Why CIOs need to keep privacy front of mind in any project

    The cost of getting privacy wrong is becoming significant, and a cost that can undo hard work spent designing products and services which look amazing, but fail to meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations of privacy, write Hayley Miller and Campbell Featherstone of Kensington Swan.

    Written by CIO New Zealand06 June 18 06:30
  • How to kill a dead project

    Think you might have a zombie IT project on your hands? Killing it can be challenging. It takes just the right mix of forensics and logistical know-how, and a lot of political will.

    Written by Bob Lewis19 Dec. 17 07:27
  • When to kill (and when to recover) a failed project

    Admitting project failure is never easy, but sometimes the kill decision turns out to be the best decision. Here's how to know when to scrap and when to save a failing project.

    Written by John Edwards15 Sept. 17 05:54
  • What science, medicine and nature can teach us about transformation

    In the natural world, success depends on a species ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions. Successful adaptations are incorporated and unsuccessful ones are either suppressed or ejected from the gene pool. Bradley de Souza takes this approach to the business world.

    Written by Bradley de Souza19 Oct. 16 08:00
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  • Power struggle myths

    There have been many discussions about the nature and quality of the relationship between the chief information officer and chief financial officer within an organisation. It has been said this working relationship may suffer because they don’t understand each other’s responsibilities well enough, or that a CIO would prefer to report directly to the CEO rather than through the CFO.
    In February this year, Fairfax Business Research (FBR) took up the challenge of putting some solid data in place in a bid to dispel some myths and the results reveal a greater degree of unity than is often realised.

    Written by Beverley Uther08 June 08 22:00