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  • 5 AI myths that need to be dispelled: Gartner

    IT and business leaders developing AI projects must separate reality from myths to devise their future strategies, says Alexander Linden of Gartner

    Written by Divina Paredes14 Feb. 19 12:17
  • What IT recruiters know about you - whether you're looking or not

    What recruiters know about you is about to get a whole lot deeper than what you put on your resume. An emerging class of search engines is taking a big data approach to recruiting by crawling the web for every bit of data about you, assembling it into a master profile, rating your knowledge, skill levels and interests, and serving it up to recruiters who can filter it by location, skill, the school you attended and a range of other criteria.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell17 July 13 06:12
  • 13 Steps to Help You Deal With Losing Your IT Job

    Most would agree that losing financial stability is the worst of it. Whether you're single, a sole provider or married with kids, just the thought of suddenly being unemployed can bring many sleepless nights. However, beyond the financial impact, we oftentimes don't consider how much of our identity is tied to what we do professionally.

    Written by Rich Hein10 July 13 05:29
  • Cisco to cut 6500 jobs in cost-cutting blitz

    Cisco Systems will cut about 6500 jobs as part of an effort to focus its business and reduce operating expenses by $US1 billion per year, the company has announced.

    Written by Stephen Lawson18 July 11 22:00