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  • Internet measurement firm Renesys bought by Dyn

    Dyn, a company that helps route Internet traffic faster for companies such as Twitter and CNBC, will acquire Renesys, which studies hiccups and inefficiencies in global data traffic, the companies said Monday.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk22 May 14 02:04
  • Indosat routing error impacts few but hits Akamai, Chevron

    A routing error by one of Indonesia's largest telecommunications providers on Wednesday made it briefly appear it controlled a large swath of the Internet, according to monitoring firm Renesys.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk04 April 14 13:20
  • North Korea embarks on Internet purge of executed official

    The North Korean state propaganda machine has edited and deleted hundreds of news articles that mention Jang Song Thaek, the former top government and party official who was executed Thursday.

    Written by Martyn Williams13 Dec. 13 18:15
  • Syria's largest city comes back online

    Internet service has been restored to Aleppo, Syria's largest city, with a renewed connection to Turkey's largest telecommunications provider, according to Internet monitoring company Renesys.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk10 Oct. 13 00:39
  • Sudan comes back online after 24-hour Internet blackout

    Sudan has regained access to the Internet after a nearly 24-hour blackout that may have been a government-directed response to violent rioting in the country over lifted fuel subsidies.

    Written by Zach Miners26 Sept. 13 17:52
  • Sudan loses Internet access, government may be to blame

    Connectivity to one of three major international ISPs in Sudan has been restored, following reports that the government may be responsible for cutting off the country's access amid riots over the lifting of fuel subsidies.

    Written by Zach Miners25 Sept. 13 20:23