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  • New buys for EMC may come in security, big data

    EMC may be in the market for security and data analytics acquisitions as it builds out what it calls a federation of businesses among VMware, RSA Security, Pivotal and the company's traditional storage operations.

    Written by Stephen Lawson08 May 14 08:33
  • Source code for Android iBanking bot surfaces on underground forum

    The source code for an Android mobile banking Trojan app was released on an underground forum, making it possible for a larger number of cybercriminals to launch attacks using this kind of malware in the future.

    Written by Lucian Constantin21 Feb. 14 11:57
  • The NSA blame game: Singling out RSA diverts attention from others

    RSA may have earned much of the criticism being heaped upon it for allegedly enabling a backdoor in one of its encryption technologies under a contract with the National Security Agency. But singling out the company for reproach deflects attention from the role that other technology vendors may have had in enabling the NSA's data collection activities.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan09 Jan. 14 12:31
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  • Five Tips for Managing Security in a Recession

    In the current economic downturn, many companies are cutting costs and security expenses are frequently part of the equation when considering where to save or spend money. New research released Monday by RSA, the security division of EMC, tapped the expertise of ten large companies with dedicated security executives and operations and asked: How can security be managed, and even drive innovation, in the current economic downturn?

    Written by Joan Goodchild12 Feb. 09 10:18