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  • Two-thirds of ICT staff looking for new jobs

    Job churn in the ICT sector remains high with more than one-third of employees looking to move overseas and up to two thirds looking for new jobs in New Zealand, according to the latest sector employee intentions survey.
    Data from the six-monthly absoluteIT Employee Intentions Report Jan/Feb 2011confirms an ongoing trend in employee restlessness revealed in 2010 surveys, driven mainly by remuneration, career challenge and lifestyle.

    Written by CIO New Zealand12 March 11 22:00
  • A holistic view of critical data

    A new, global study on information security by Ernst & Young underscores the need for enterprises to take on an “information-centric” view, to align security with the flow of business information.
    “It is about understanding how information flows between customers and your trading partners, identifying the stuff that is sensitive and securing it in the most appropriate way,” says Paul Mahan, partner in technology and security risk services, Ernst & Young New Zealand. “This means stepping away from the technological solutions and understanding the flow of information of your partners and customers, and doing what we call a security risk assessment of the whole flow of information.”

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff02 Feb. 10 22:00
  • Doctor Happy looks on the bright side

    If a happy worker is a productive worker then positive psychology could be one way for organisations to squeeze more out of their staff budgets, and the economic downturn appears to be encouraging more businesses to test the premise.
    The University of Technology, Sydney, is running what is believed to be the first short university course in positive psychology that is open to the public. Strong demand suggests businesses are hoping to inject positivity back into the workplace.

    Written by Rachel Lebihan10 Oct. 09 22:00